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  • Dowsing and the Chakra System. Energy Magic The Bio-universal Energy. Katrina Rasbold Eric Rasbold. Positive Energy can heal The Universe. The author, Cyndie Lepori, and I created an Easy Reader version of this book Bubbles the Dolphin , that is great for the little one, and the perfect bedtime story. The nextbook, Billy and Bubbles The Dolphin was written to transition the reader from the simple version to the Original book. This version was also the first of the booksto be translated into another language.

    I was told by my guides to read each prayer from Prayers of the Sacred Heart, one at a time, and really take these messages into my heart.

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    Besides the beautiful words, which are to be savored and enjoyed, I could feel the energy from each prayer enter my heart and my being as I contemplated each one. It created an opening in my heart and changed how I view the world and myself forever. We truly are Sacred. Thank you, Lindsey, for sharing these sacred prayers with each one of us. Seldom do I run into a channel that is as pure and connected to the archangels as Lindsey. Her messages from the archangels, and particularly her work with Archangel Michael, are a truly life changing experience.

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    She channels messages directly and enables you to have a direct line into the archangelic realm. These profound healing messages will change your life and go all the way to your DNA to reconnect you to your own divinity. I highly recommend her working with each of us to create real and lasting change in our relationships with the planet and all the beings on it.

    I own two music schools with more than students, which can become complicated.

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