Lunatic Revenge: Volume 3 (the Lunatic Life Series)

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Which is no surprise, really, because if Gone Girl , which makes it to theaters this Friday, is about any one thing, it's role-playing. Despite much-hyped word of radical changes to the source material, David Fincher's cinematic adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestseller from a script written by Flynn is a wholly faithful one. With his usual sleek, meticulously composed direction creating an air of schizo-ominousness, Fincher recounts the tale of Nick Dunne Ben Affleck , a laid-off journalist living back home in Missouri who comes home one morning to discover that his wife, Amy Rosamund Pike, in a star-making turn , is missing.

Inside the house, signs point to a struggle.

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An investigation by two police officers Patrick Fugit and the great Kim Dickens, the latter as commanding as she was in Deadwood into Amy's whereabouts ensues, and soon doubts begin to mount about Nick's own role in the disappearance of his spouse, a beautiful blonde — and inspiration for a series of "Amazing Amy" children's novels written by her parents — whose own diary recollections about her and Nick's courtship are interspersed throughout the action proper. Cross-cutting between Amy's marital origin story and Nick's present-day ordeal, which is worsened by his own strange behavior and revelations about his less-than-savory conduct, Gone Girl proves a silky, malevolent beast, one in which the camera's beautifully manicured pans and fade-cuts, and the score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who also collaborated with Fincher on The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , encase the action in a mood of impending doom.

Lunatic Life Series by Sharon Sala

Yet just as apocalyptic disaster seems to lurk at the edges, so, too, does a creeping sense of humor. Affleck embodies Nick with initial bewilderment and escalating fury at both his wife and himself. Falling deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole, thanks to a preponderance of evidence that seems to point a finger his way, Nick is a figure of both suspicion and ridicule.

Even more than in Flynn's book, Fincher's film casts him as an amusingly pathetic caricature of male failings. The reason for this insanely elaborate setup, which comes to involve a fake pregnancy, fabricated sexual assault, and an actual murder, is that Amy had grown dissatisfied with Nick's transformation into a less-than-doting husband, replete with an affair with his bimbo student Emily Ratajkowski, who you might remember from a certain music video last year.

As such, Amy outs herself as a full-blown sociopath, and the terrifying manifestation of every man's fear that his wife will do whatever it takes to transform her husband into the man she wants him to be. As in Flynn's book, Gone Girl 's twist, and ensuing second half, uncomfortably tip into misogyny.

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Item location see all Item location. But everything changes dramatically when she encounters Justin, a Spirit Knight restlessly hunting dangerous ghosts that devour the living, who rides into her path on his magical horse and takes her under his wing.

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When an evil spirit threatens Claire's life, she'll need Justin's help to survive. Once again, year-old Riley Smith is the new kid in school and her dad's career has her back to being dubbed a freak.

Truth is, she's a much bigger freak than her classmates think. The only company she keeps these days is the dead who follow Dad home from work.

Poldark series five, episode seven recap – well, that was exhausting!

She can see them. She can speak to them. And Fate seems to think she can help them solve their last problems, so that they can move on to the other side. Which is odd, because with the loss of her mother and her father's alcoholism, she's got enough problems of her own.

Lunatic Revenge

But can she mature into the leader they need her to be? The bad guys are after a hidden fortune that belongs to Flynn O'Mara's dying father - they think Tara can use her psychic powers to find it for them. She'll need plenty of help from her spirit friends if she and Flynn are going to get out of this trouble alive.