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I expanded the chords into large shapes on the guitar, and voice-lead always upwards instead of the closer downward voice-leading. I improvised over all this until I found a melodic phrase that worked, and then set about arranging the song in layers.

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As you hear it here, the song is played 6 times with these layers added each repeat: drums, slide guitar melody, bass, low strings ascending, and high string ascending. In a way, this song works to reflect this back and forth journey between two different places and feelings.

The slow section begins, and toggles between two guitaristic voicings of A and F, and introduces the melody, dancing around the 6th interval. The tempo remains lethargic for the middle statement, continues to move around mostly in 6ths and modulates to C.

Tempo jumps up for the bright third section of the song, delivers yet more 6th derived melody in the guitars and bass before crashing back to the first section. It repeats with solo statements, and the intro reappears to end the song. Insects and nature from my back yard persist nonetheless. In recording, we each created tracks of melody and accompanying material and selected the best moments throughout, so in listening you hear melody in all the guitars and basses.

With repetition I deciphered the pattern to be a morse-code-like figure: 2 eighths 1 quarter, eighth quarter, eighth quarter, eight quarter, 2 eighths 1 quarter. It was an interesting figure to strum on the guitar for sure. The melody is a repeated phrase, leaping again in 6ths thru the Bb scale with small embellishments. For this recording, Marlon is actually clanging a discarded bathroom vent fan vent cover back and forth with one hand while playing drums.

The tune began with chords, as I experimented with some simple wide-register triads connected by the descending bass line. In the middle of the second phrase I found a curious way to modulate down a half step to Eb, but via an unexpected bVII chord. The bridge opened up as another extended bass line descending until reaching the current Eb tonic. I found that putting the third G in the bass created a nice chromatic pivot to take us to F and eventually bring the song back to the original key of E.

The melody evolved from an improvisation which I transcribed. I created a harmony line throughout the A sections and in the recording Rick and I blend to sound like one instrument while Robby makes the bass line stand on its own. At the heart of this song is the C chord over an F root, which is kinda what happens easily on guitar in drop D tuning.

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Rhythmisizing this with a movement from F to C created an intriguing sound and by this point the melody had begun, a simple phrase that manages to dance across the F to C movement. At the end, several tapes of sustained guitar notes are played, and ended all at one. The figure for the A sections was something I just started playing. Favorite moment compositionally would be the chords in the bridge as they fall from Eb to D to D minor to D diminished.

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The final verdict? Half a star! I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review. And, Tumblr for the gifs! View all 6 comments. Mar 03, Elaine rated it it was ok.


I have to say that normally I really like Heather Gudenkauf and this read certainly started off well but by the end of it I was really disliking it. Sarah and Jack have been married for 20 years. They have never really had a great deal to do with his family but when his Aunt Julia, who raised him from a teenager, suddenly has a fall, they return to his home town. Once there, Sarah discovers that Jack has been lying to her for the past 20 years about the death of his parents, and in particular th I have to say that normally I really like Heather Gudenkauf and this read certainly started off well but by the end of it I was really disliking it.

Once there, Sarah discovers that Jack has been lying to her for the past 20 years about the death of his parents, and in particular that of his mother. His parents did not die in a car crash, his mother had been murdered and his father had disappeared. Can she trust him again when he has lied about something so fundamental, especially when she uncovers yet more lies?

In the meantime, what of his Aunt Julia? My main problem with the book was Sarah herself.


Yet, she could never seem to be able to see the wood for the trees, being unable to spot those links that she would have been trained to spot. In her present life she is an agony aunt, yet she seemed to have no compassion for and showed no empathy towards Jack. Yes, she had found out all or most of his lies, but he was caught up in a serious family crisis and she should have been able to recognise the right time to tackle him.

She just seemed to have no understanding of how he was feeling whatsoever. Surely, after 20 years of marriage to a man and being an agony aunt to boot, she should have been able to ride that one out! Finally though, I know that since there have been huge scientific advances in crime detection, what with DNA etcetera.

However, surely even in , medical examiners would have been able to pinpoint a time of death? The person who was the prime suspect could not possibly have done it and a time of death would have proved that straightaway.

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Finally, I did guess who was the guilty party as soon as I met them. I received an advance review copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a review. View all 9 comments. Feb 22, Bookread2day rated it it was amazing. I am a great fan of Heather Gudenkauf. I also bought my daughter One Breath Away to read. You can imagine the scene with the May sunshine and Lydia making Waffles topped with strawberries and freshly whipped cream.

But everything went horrible wrong. As Lydia went in to her cellar to get something out of her freezer, someone gave her a striking blow.

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Lydia knew who it was before being struck in the temple, their eyes locking one last tim I am a great fan of Heather Gudenkauf. Lydia knew who it was before being struck in the temple, their eyes locking one last time. The question is who killed Lydia? Jack had been seen to argue with his parents on more than one occasion and once even more violently.

Not one person that was interviewed who knew Lydia and her husband John Tierney, could ever recall a fight, a disagreement or harsh words between them. So who was the person that Lydia see that she knew before she died and who wanted to hurt her and why? What I liked about this story is that quite a lot goes on in Penny Falls, Lowa with quite a few family secrets. View 1 comment. For what it was, I enjoyed it. Easy read and suspenseful enough to keep me turning pages.

Feb 11, Cat Tutt rated it it was amazing. I learned, not for the first time, how much a genuinely talented writer can make a difference. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great, and I didn't realize until I got into this one that the missing thing in the previous one was a genuine way with words.

Plot is obviously important, in this genre more than most, but being a true wordsmith is almost as important, in my opinion. This book really delivered on that front. Ms Gudenkauf is a skilled writer who made the book not only a page turner, but a pleasure to read from a literary standpoint as well. Highly recommended!

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Jan 11, Jean rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. This is my first time reading a Heather Gudenkauf work. I am grateful to the author, Harlequin, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. How well do you know your spouse? After twenty years of marriage, Sarah Quinlan discovers secrets about her husband that rock her world.

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Why has Jack been so reluctant to return to his hometown all these years? As she meets some family members for the first time and renews acquaintances with others, Sarah gets a sneaking suspicion that Jack has been hiding things from her. Eventually, Sarah comes to distrust her husband. Is he protecting himself or someone close to him? Who is reliable? What really happened? As a former journalist who is now an advice columnist, Sarah cannot resist the urge to delve into the past and seek the truth, looking for missing pieces, no matter what the cost.

Despite a number of problems with the characters and the believability of some of the circumstances, I really enjoyed this book overall. The author did a great job of keeping me guessing right up until the end. I had my suspicions, and I went back and forth among several suspects in my own mind, including the real culprit, but I had no idea about the motive. But as the family situation becomes more serious and Sarah herself is threatened, her panic seems to turn to obsession, and her fixation on the past makes her seem paranoid, jealous, cranky, and whiny.

It is understandable to a degree, but after a while, it becomes annoying. Jack was frustrating to me as well. He is described as quiet, almost taciturn. But I felt sorry for her.

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This is one dysfunctional family, and for a good reason, it turns out. It seems a stretch to think that she would go to such extremes to help a stranger, risking her job for someone she just met. I went along with the story and actually really liked Margaret. There are other family members and close friends, even the sheriff, who were involved with the past and present events that have beset the family and the town of Penny Gate and may be guarding secrets of their own. The ending seemed like it might be something out of Peyton Place, but for the most part, I found my introduction to Heather Gudenkauf pleasant enough to warrant another look if given the opportunity.

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