Mobilizing the Community to Help Students Succeed

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Institutional Transformation for Student Success

We now find ourselves in a new economic reality: one driven by technology, rapid change, immediate access to information, and globalization. The effects of this transformation have been profound for communities like Muncie. Those citizens who previously secured meaningful work in a s economy have too often been left to flounder through no fault of their own.

Our collective answer for the past 30 years or so has been that you need a four-year college degree to be successful. The federal government has spent and loaned billions of dollars in pursuit of this outcome. Consequently in , potential employees often lack the necessary skills to succeed in our economic environment.

Furthermore, we have failed to appreciate the continuing demand for skilled trades like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. Quite simply, we are not preparing enough of our students to enter the modern economy equipped to make a decent living.

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The negative effects of this failure are profound for our region: high rates of poverty and underemployment, daily casualties in the opioid crisis, and negative indicators on most measures of physical and mental health. The good news is that Delaware County is resource rich, and is well situated to improve our outcomes. We have vibrant, well-run foundations that are able to provide funding to support our path forward. We have a philanthropic spirit that results in Delaware County being in the upper rank of giving per capita in Indiana.

Finally, we have committed employers in our private sector who desperately need capable employees now and in the future. In light of these resources, what is the path forward? Answer: Collaboration, Coordination, Analysis and Delivery of educational and social services. Diversity in values can be a strength when schools succeed in identifying and highlighting those universal and human values that resonate for most if not all families, cultures and communities.

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This broad vision can be brought to life through a wide range of simple, everyday actions, interactions and practices that emanate from the values and goals discussed in this module. Mobilizing Parents and Caregivers Our Bullying Prevention and Equity and Inclusion modules emphasized the importance of aiming efforts for change at the whole school. Prev Next.

James Dollars for Scholars

This is true from the classroom to city hall, from state capitols to the White House. These initiatives unquestionably have merit and appear to be making a positive difference. Yet the persistently poor scholastic performance of far too many youngsters confirms that these measures are not sufficient. Many a thoughtful article and book has been written about the best ways to improve education and public schools in particular.

Numerous experts and observers have weighed in about the obvious importance of parents and caregivers, and I certainly said my piece on this subject in my book Achievement Matters: Getting Your Child the Best Education Possible Price, Instinct, experience, observation, and research all convince me that these wider social structures can play an indispensable part in promoting literacy and achievement.

This book is written for educators who wish to mobilize their own communities to support student success.

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It addresses an important gap in the multifaceted strategy that school superintendents, principals, education leaders, and practitioners should pursue in partnership with community groups to maximize their chance of boosting student achievement, especially among those young people who tend to be the hardest to reach and teach. My aim is to provide vivid illustrations of what can be done based on what has actually been done and to share other promising ideas worth trying.

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I also hope to pass on concrete, real-world tips for implementing a community mobilization effort. Because my own professional expertise and the examples I cite are rooted in the U.

CIS Model Programs - Communities In Schools of Chatham County

Yet the fundamental message is not confined by ethnicity or economic status, much less by oceans or national boundaries. Nations around the world contain cities and rural regions with high concentrations of underachieving and unmotivated young people who are at risk of losing hope. During —, I proudly served as cochair of the Commission on the Whole Child.