Quality and Inequality of Education: Cross-National Perspectives

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Stolen Child

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  • Quality and Inequality of Education?

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Interview with Gwangeun Choi on Economic and Political Inequality in Cross-national Perspective

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Associated Data

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  6. Achievement and ascription in educational attainment: Genetic and environmental influences on adolescent schooling. Social Forces, 85 1 , — PISA technical report. PISA data analysis manual. Education at a glance Equity and quality in education: Supporting disadvantaged students and schools. PISA assessment and analytical framework.

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    • The socio-spatial dimension of educational inequality: A comparative European analysis?
    • Get PDF Quality and Inequality of Education: Cross-National Perspectives.

    Persistent inequality in educational attainment and its institutional context. European Sociological Review, 24 5 , — Equality and quality in education.


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