Success In the Arts: What It Takes to Make It in Creative Fields

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Accessory Design. Fashion Modeling.

Creative Jobs in Design

Makeup Artist. Jewelry Design. Shoe Design. Textile Design. Pattern Making. Costume Design. Art Professor.

Overview of the creative arts sector in the UK

Art History. Art Therapy. Art Teacher. Film Editing. Set Design. Casting Director. Voice Over. Foley Art. Video Editing Career Film Director. Sound Effects.

Audio Engineering. Music Composition. Disc Jockey. Opera Singer. Theater Director. Culinary Arts. Sous Chef Careers. Pastry Chef. Food Styling. Cake Decorating. Caricature Art. Courtroom Sketch Art Talent Agent. The knowledge gained from an art degree background can be a valuable asset in architecture, especially if you have a history background. You can also draw on your illustration skills when it comes to making plans and getting your ideas across to stakeholders. If you decide to follow this career path, take a look at these architecture portfolios for some design inspiration.

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Then get started on your own online architecture portfolio! Becoming a musician is another possible career for art majors. Some schools offer fine arts degrees with a focus on music , and many schools offer music courses as electives. The knowledge you can pick up from these courses includes everything from music theory and score-reading to composition and audio postproduction.

This can entail anything from weddings and live events to commercials and training videos. Thankfully, many art programs include some film study and video production courses these days.

Building a portfolio for your videography is easier than ever. Just pick a website builder with built-in video embedding functionality. Need some video portfolio inspiration?

Check out these six creators with incredible video websites. For more inspiration on how to start promoting your video work, check out our guide on how to make a Youtube channel , and list of 32 Youtube video ideas. It really does offer a path to a wide range of arts jobs and provides knowledge that will help you succeed.

Careers for creative people

The key to excelling in any of these jobs that involve art is building an amazing online portfolio. Having a website to show off your talents to potential clients and employers will make it much easier to land whatever arts jobs you have your sights on. Make sure to pick one that is easy to use, and offers lots of cool themes that you can customize to suit your style. Want to learn more about launching your dream art career? Thanks, you're subscribed! Watch your inbox for the latest articles and features.

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9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist – Skinny Artist

Are you an artist? It is important to not take these constructive criticisms personally. Artists need to learn to adapt their unique artistic style to meet the needs of clients. Artists can be known for being perfectionists, often believing that no piece is ever truly finished. This is all well and good if you are creating art simply for personal enjoyment. It is important to be able to budget your time well and know when to stop tweaking and refining your work.

Because of this, the final product will not necessarily be your own anymore. The foundation of any successful career is dedication and determination. Rather, it is a combination of skill, hard work, and the foundation of a great education. Contact us today to speak with one of our academic advisers about your personal and professional goals.

We would be happy to discuss the finer details of our degree programs in graphic design, digital media, and more. Complete our contact form, and an admissions representative will contact you to provide you with more information. You can also contact admissions at What Kind of Careers Involve Art? How to Build A Career in the Arts There is so much more to building a career in the arts than simply creating art and then hoping that someone is interested enough to buy it.

Honing Your Skills The more you practice creating art, the better you will get at working in your chosen medium. Finding Employment as a Professional Art The final step in the process is getting someone to actually hire you.