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Beach Blanket. Antique Style. British Colonial. Native American. South Asian. Pop Art. Rococo Style. Laurie: Thanks for sharing your feelings! Here is the explanation I posted on Monday about the review embargo:.


The primary reason is that we do not want to rush reviewers—we want them to have ample time to play the game, evaluate it, and compose their thoughts so their reviews can best serve potential customers. Without an embargo date, reviewers can feel pressure to be the first to release their review. Thanks for replying, Jamey. When the pre-order happened for Wingspan, which was longer than for Tapestry, I was too busy to be able to check out the reviews in the short time of the pre-order, and so was unsure whether to buy it. Jamey, a few people on BGG have just said exactly what I said above — that because of real life commitments like work they did not have time to watch reviews in the very short time that this pre-order ran one and a half days.

I then had to order without the benefit of the number one reviewer that fits with our situation mostly 2 player, and not liking too much take that. Please could you consider raising the embargo one day before the pre-order starts? No-one is going to forget to order the following day, either — and we have reminders on Smartphones to help with that anyway. Hi Jamey! If I preorder the 4th will it arrive by then? Im from Chile and I would really like to save on shipping and customs.

Hi Jamey I have two questions: 1 Will it be possible to preorder and choose Essen pickup as a delivery option? I will only be in the US until September If I signup as Stonemaier Champion and preorder the game will it be able to arrive on time Sep 16 before I depart? Wanted to know if there will be any differences between the version released for preorder vs the retail release in the months to come?

Will all reviews be posted here on the Tapestry page in your video section as soon as the embargo is lifted and pre-orders begin? Hey Jamey. This looks amazing! Best regards, Christopher. You can order from us starting on September 4 at am CDT, and the game will ship to you from the UK a few weeks later. Yes, that was a major focus when we designed the colors and icons. I use Colorblind Pal an app to help with that. But is there a specific hour you plan on opening up pre-orders?

Thanks for all your hard work! I set a calendar alert and figured out the time change between Central and Atlantic. Hi Jamie. Really excited about this game. But looking at the dates, this will come a weekend or so before Essen. Is it possible to reserve an english copy to pickup at Essen?

I understand each player can progress through the different eras at their own individual pace.

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They essentially sit out and watch everyone else continue playing for a while? What happens if a player finishes way early before everyone else? This seems very unusual to me. Second question is more simple. Sometimes one has to scroll for a very looooooong time to reach the bottom of the comments.

Miami, FL | November 29-30

Just a thought. This is similar to the Everdell system. Typically a player only waits a few minutes. See the August 11 design diary post. I just pre-ordered it. Just ordered. What is the benefit of the extra dice? Is it more about not having to pass them from player to player or would it speed up gameplay like players can all go at once? What will the price in Essen be, when I buy it from Matagot or Feuerland. As u said, they will have it. Ordered and ready to play!