The Jews of Spain: A History of the Sephardic Experience

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Les Juifs d'Afrique du Nord: Bibliographie. New enlarged edition.

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University of Texas Sefarad Bibliography. Avotaynu, Click here for Table of Contents and to order from Avotaynu.

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A History of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews

Introduction to resources available in Israel. Jerusalem, Hebrew. Extensive biographical listing of rabbis of Tunisia Frumkin, A. Toldot Hakhmei Yerushalayim. Biographical listing of rabbis of Jerusalem. Mizrachi Jews in Israel.

Terrific for genealogists. This book which was out of print and long unavailable has now been reprinted and available in 2 volumes in Spain. Marciano, Eliahu Rafael Malkhei Yeshurun. Extensive biographical listing of rabbis of Algeria Ovadia, David Fez ve hakhameha. Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, Hebrew. Index Tanugi, Y. Toldot Hakhamei Tunis.

Jane S. Gerber

Bnei Brak, Hebrew. Tunis rabbis. Faiguenboim, G. Spain-Portugal Malka, Jeffrey S. Abecassis, Jose Maria Genealogia Hebraica. Portugal e Gibraltar. Lisboa in portuguese.

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Dover Publishers, Entertaining and broadens your perspective. Alhadeff, Gini The sun at midday. Tales of a mediteranean family. Pantheon Books, NY Family story of the Alhadeff family of Rhodes. Isidro de las Cagigas.

  1. A History of the Sephardic Experience.
  2. Sephardic Studies סְפָרַדִּים: Research Guide.
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  4. Small book, general information, no index. For original see below. Usually found in rare books collections.

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    A "classic". Assis, Y. Jews in the Crown of Aragon. Thorough study of Jews in northeast Spain. History, culture, sexual mores, etc. Jewish economy in the Medieval Crown of Aragon, Brill, Companion volume providing the Jewish economy information. Jewish Publications Society, Ballesteros, Carmen and Mery Ruah.

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    Os judeus sefarditas entre Portugal, Espanha e Marrocos. Beinhart, Haim Conversos on Trial. The Inquisition in Ciudad Real. Magnes Press. The Hebrew University. Jerusalem December 1, Communal history of the Portuguese Jews who settled in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem Good source for Valencia. Elazar, Daniel J. The Other Jews. The Sephardim Today. Basic Books Thought provoking book about Sephardim today, both in Israel and around the world. Highly recommended.

    List of names on Ben Nahman's page. A must read. And a good friend of my dad's. Frank Cass and Co. Useful information. Jaume Riera i Sans. Barcelona : R. Dalmau, Includes bibliographical references. Leon Tello, Pilar Judios de Toledo. For list see Ben Nahman's page. Katz, Israel J. Liebman, Seymour B. The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New World.

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    Good source for converso names in the New World. Barcelona : Ediciones Destino, Translation of: Els jueus i nosaltres. Malka, Edmond S. Based on doctoral thesis at Universidade de Granada, Spain.